Star PM Energy Efficiency

The days are short, the wind is biting, and you’re tempted to stay in bed all day.

As the winter chill sets in, the warmth and comfort of your building become paramount. But did you know that staying warm doesn’t have to mean skyrocketing energy bills?

Increase your property’s energy efficiency, and stay warm all winter long.

What is Energy Efficiency and Why is it Important?

Energy efficiency refers to using less energy to perform the same task and to produce the same result. In buildings, this means optimising your property’s systems and appliances to consume less power without compromising comfort or functionality.

The benefits of energy efficiency are endless. Not only do you save money on your utility bills from using less energy, you reduce your environmental impact as efficient energy use lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

More efficient systems also often improve indoor air quality, increasing the overall comfort of the occupants in your property, whilst regular maintenance to maximise your energy efficiency can help you ensure that you are complying with local regulations and codes.

This not only means being able to stay warm better when you’re indoors in winter, but it also means being able to stay cool and refreshed in summertime without issue.

Star PM Energy Efficiency

6 Tips to Quickly Increase Energy Efficiency During Winter

Making sure your property is energy efficient is all and good, but we understand that it can take time to check that all your systems and appliances are at their most efficient.

Here are 6 ways to quickly and effectively improve your property’s energy efficiency.

  1. Seal Gaps and Insulate: Inspect windows, doors, and other potential draft points. Use weather stripping or caulk to seal gaps, and ensure your insulation is up to standard. Proper insulation keeps warm air in and cold air out.
  2. Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows: If you have the money and time, double or triple-glazed windows are excellent for preventing heat loss. Otherwise, consider using window films or thermal curtains to enhance efficiency.
  3. Optimise Heating Systems: Ensure your heating system is running efficiently. Regular maintenance of your air-conditioning systems, such as cleaning filters and servicing boilers, can significantly improve performance. Consider installing programmable thermostats to better control heating schedules and reduce wastage.
  4. Use Energy Efficient Lighting: Replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, which consume less energy and last longer. Take advantage of natural light during the day by keeping curtains open and arranging furniture to maximise sunlight.
  5. Use Smart Technology: Smart metres and home automation systems can help monitor and control energy usage more effectively. These technologies can provide insights into consumption patterns and help you identify areas for improvement.
  6. Encourage Energy Saving Habits: Simple habits like turning off lights and unplugging devices when not in use, and wearing warmer clothing indoors can collectively make a big difference in energy consumption.

3 Things to Consider for the Future

Looking for ways to significantly improve your energy efficiency beyond quick fixes? Here are three things you can consider in your medium- to long-term plan for your property that will make a huge difference in your energy consumption.

  • Invest in Renewable Energy Sources: Solar panels or wind turbines (if you have the space!) can provide a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply. While the initial investment may be high, the long-term savings and environmental benefits are substantial.
  • Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances: When it is time to replace your appliances, opt for those with high energy efficiency ratings. Look for products with high energy ratings, which meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Australian Government.
  • Implement a Building Energy Management System (BEMS): These systems can monitor and control building energy use more effectively. BEMS can provide real-time data and analytics, allowing for more informed decision-making and energy-saving strategies.
Star PM Energy Efficiency

By following these tips and considering future improvements, you can significantly increase the energy efficiency of your property, leading to cost savings and a positive environmental impact all year round.

Star PM is here to support you every step of the way, providing expert advice and services tailored to your needs. Contact us today.