summer property maintenance

Summer is the ultimate time for outdoor parties and events, lazing about on the beach, and general relaxation and fun with friends and family over the holiday season. When all you want to do is go outside and enjoy the sunshine, it can get difficult to remember the summer property maintenance tasks even if they are essential to keeping your property in top shape.

Many households and commercial properties begin to overwork certain appliances, such as air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, or air purifiers, as the weather heats up. Harsh sunlight from the (in)famous Australian sun can also cause internal and external damage to properties.

Here are 6 essential summer maintenance tasks to add to your checklist as the new year begins and summer kicks into high gear.

Every moment is a fresh beginning.

T. S. Eliot

1. Service your air-conditioners

The feeling of walking into an air-conditioned space after being outside in summer is hard to beat. Cooling systems, from split-system air-conditioned houses to fully ducted central air conditioning in enormous shopping centres, are sure to be working overtime.

To ensure that your air cooling systems are working efficiently and smoothly, schedule a yearly (or more!) service by an accredited HVAC technician. They will clean and replace old or damaged air filters, clean the condenser coil, check the drainage system for leaks or damages, and other essential cleaning and maintenance that your HVAC system needs.

Having regular HVAC servicing as part of your summer property maintenance list has the added benefit of minimising the impact that your air-conditioner has on the environment. The more efficiently your cooling systems run, the less power and energy they will use, decreasing your carbon footprint whilst you, your staff, and your visitors stay cool and refreshed.

2. Clean out your air vents

Similarly to how important regular air-conditioner servicing is, cleaning our your air vents can also maximise your property’s cooling abilities. Dust and debris can seriously hinder airflow, which will result in hotter rooms and spaces. It can also greatly lower the quality of indoor air, leaving you and other people in the building at great risk of becoming ill.

Sometimes, not only will you find dust, but insects and vermin could also be using your air ducts to hide from the summer heat, which will definitely block your airflow and affect indoor air quality.

If you get squeamish at the thought of being surprised by hidden insects when you clean your airducts, consider calling a professional to do this extremely important summer property maintenance task.

3. Check all plumbing fixtures for damage and possible leaks

Prolonged sun exposure during the summer can cause cracks in the material of external pipes and drainage. A thorough inspection of your outdoor and indoor plumbing every summer will help ensure your pipes keep working.

Water drips under sinks and around valves can be a sign of cracking or leaking. Strong or out-of-ordinary smells from drainage points or toilets can also indicate that something is wrong. Call for a plumber immediately before the problem gets out of hand.

4. Check your fire extinguisher(s) and smoke detectors

Summer in Australia is synonymous with fire warnings. Checking your fire extinguishers and smoke detectors to make sure that you are prepared for a sudden fire is one of the most essential summer property maintenance tasks.

Fire extinguishers may not work if they are expired. Make sure that all the fire extinguishers in your property are still useable in case of an emergency.

If the batteries of your smoke detectors are dead, replace them. If they seem to be malfunctioning, definitely call in an expert to inspect your smoke detectors. Knowing that your smoke alarm will go off in an emergency is of the greatest importance to keep you and others safe.

5. Get rid of any mould build-up

The humid conditions that summer can bring can promote mould growth inside and outside of a property. Depending on your property’s location, it could be wise to research what types of mould and mildew are common in your local area so that you know what you are looking for when you perform this summer property maintenance task.

Mould can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. In some severe cases, prolonged mould exposure can cause people to experience mould toxicity, which can be fatal.

Prevent mould from affecting you, your staff, and your visitors by proactively checking for and destroying any mould you come across in your property. If you find a severe mould infestation, call a professional to help you remove it safely.

6. Clean your property’s exteriors

The often-strong winds of summer, plus continuously blooming and flowering plants, can cause dust, allergens, and other microscopic particles to settle on your property’s exteriors.

When people walk into your property, they track this collected dust and allegerns from the outside to the inside. This can increase visitors’ impressions of the property during their visit. Regularly deep-cleaning your property’s interiors will thus minimise the presence of these dust and germs inside your property, maximising your health and your property’s cleanliness.

Summer always puts me in the mood to get someone else to clean my house.


If these summer property maintenance tasks seem too big for you to do, professional property maintenance companies can definitely help you maintain your property properly. They have the skills and tools necessary to finish this list, as well as specialist equipment for more specific cleaning tasks such as carpet cleaning or deep stain removal.

With our expertise and commitment to excellence, never worry about cleaning your property in the summer again. Star PM have over 19+ years of experience in property maintenance and commercial cleaning. Contact us, and stay cool and relaxed this summer.