Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill

As of 27th of August 2020, the Morrison Government has introduced what we consider landmark legislation that will see Australia taking responsibility for its own waste and establishes a national industry framework for recycling.

Here at Starpm we are thrilled by the introduction of this bill as it will lead our country closer to a cleaner and greener future. Keep reading below to get a good understanding of what is gonna take place.

The Bill will implement an export ban on waste plastic, glass, paper and tyres agreed by Commonwealth, state and territory governments in March this year, whilst also including the existing Product Stewardship Act 2011 with improvements to motivate companies to take greater responsibility for the products they produced as well as the waste that is created during and after its lifetime.

The NWRIC (National Waste And Recycling Industry Council) believes this bill will help achieve the overarching goal of a circular economy.  Most importantly this step by the Australian Government recognizes that waste and recycling services are an essential service. Additionally, they create a vital resource industry that makes a substantial economic contribution to the nation. It is an industry that Starpm believes has great potential to strengthen Australia’s resource security, generate clean energy, create jobs and protect the environment.