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Commercial Cleaning Services

Our Commercial Cleaning Services are provided with the right equipment, expertise and knowledge to your specific industry and WHS standards, allowing us to offer a range of flexible and compliant cleaning services that suit your budget, demands, location and specific circumstances.

Our 20+ years of experience includes working successfully with childcare centres, retail outlets, commercial office cleaning services, logistics and supply chain warehouses, residential communities and mixed-use commercial residential communities, strata cleaning services, industrial sites and more.

Commercial Cleaning Services Star PM
Our Commercial Cleaning Services covers:
  • High touch point surfaces
  • Hard surface scrubbing and polishing
  • Floor maintenance, stripping and cleaning
  • Kitchen and lunchrooms
  • Toilets and washrooms
  • Sinks, tubs, and benches
  • Grout and tiles cleaning
  • Cleaning internal roofs, walls and ceilings
  • High-pressure cleaning of buildings, concrete floors, and car parks
  • Rubbish and waste removal
  • Carpet Cleaning

Star Property Maintenance maintains international standards of best practices, striving to lead and create a new benchmark of quality in Sydney. Providing tailor-made solutions for the management and peak efficiency of your commercial spaces is Star PM’s specialty. Maintain the highest levels of aesthetics, comfort, cleanliness and compliance with us.

What You Need to Know

We work with you at Star PM. We understand each and every client has different needs, budgets, industry specifications and needs. This is why we create a Custom Cleaning Package tailor suited to your needs. This allows you to pay only for the services you need and nothing more at a schedule that works best for you, your site, or your business. Need us daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly? We’re there for you.

Yes! We are. Star PM understands that we all hold responsibility for our environment. All our cleaning products and services are environmentally friendly, and we do not use any environmentally harmful chemicals in our jobs. We are dedicated to maintaining the best and highest quality practice in commercial cleaning, and that includes maintaining environmentally sustainable practice.

Thank you for expressing interest in our services! Please click here for our Contact Us Page, where all our contact details are hosted. You can call, request a callback or email, and one of our friendly customer service employees will guide you through the process of getting a perfect quote that suits you.