High Pressure Cleaning

Quality, Reliable and Precise High Pressure Cleaning

Our high-pressure cleaning services are suitable for most indoor and external surfaces. Stubborn and tough stains like oil residues, grease, bird droppings, caked dirt and rust will all be removed by our specialised team, who are fully certified with more than a decade of experience in cleaning difficult surfaces.

We use environmentally friendly solutions for all our cleaning works! Your premises will have maintained the original structure of bricks or driveways.

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High Pressure Cleaning 3

Star PM is reliable, punctual, and finishes every job to perfection. Our Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services is fully compliant and qualified, and we assess each and every job and site through individual project-specific WHS. Every high pressure cleaning job will be provided with a Safety Analysis to guarantee the safety of every staff, client, or tenant.

Our internal floor cleaning utilises high pressure to get ingrained dirt, oil and other substances out of your floor. Whether for warehouse cleaning, event halls, commercial spaces, office cleaning, or retail outlets, we clean and capture the grime so you are left with a clean, dry floor.

Our team are proven experts in high-pressure cleaning. We’ve built our reputation for dependable high-quality service because of our keen eye for detail. Whether you need high pressure roof cleaning, driveway cleaning, walls or any other surface, we use the best equipment to provide the highest quality work possible, no matter how large or small at a competitive price.

Why Our Clients Choose Us
  • Our work is 100% insured for your Peace of Mind
  • Independent Site Safety Assessments
  • Trained and Certified Cleaning Staff
  • The Best Equipment for the Job
  • Respectful, Friendly and Experienced Staff
  • Detailed, meticulous cleaning for jobs big or small

We have hundreds of satisfied long-term clients and thousands of completed projects throughout Sydney. The reason why our clients choose us is because they know that hiring us means a perfect job, every time.

  1. We provide our highest quality work, every time. No matter what the project is if it’s big or small, residential or commercial, our professional attitude promises a meticulous job.
  2. High Quality Equipment means that we’re always matching our expertise and professionalism with tools that enable industry-best standards.
  3. Our company prides itself in being Eco-Friendly. Our environmentally friendly policies means that we take environmental sustainability very seriously. For high-pressure cleaning, this means we take care to ensure we save water where we can each time we take on a job.

Star PM provides our quality services built on trust. We’ve worked hard to live our motto: “We don’t aim to be the biggest property maintenance company; we want to be known as the best!”