Tips to reduce graffiti

Removing graffiti can be a troublesome and time-consuming job for anyone. You need to have the right equipment and a well-trained team to do the job effectively and efficiently, without harming the surface area. Here we are going to discuss some preventative measure you can take to reduce/prevent the amount of graffiti on your work and residential spaces.


Having a well-maintained property will present the image that you care deeply about your outdoor space and that vandalism is not tolerated. Keeping your property well maintained should include;

  • Keeping the lawns cut and tidy (no weeds and potholes)
  • Free of rubbish

This will also help encourage your surrounding neighbours to maintain their properties so the whole neighbourhood appears neat and tidy.


Depending on the location of your office/house you may want to consider fencing. Fencing is a great option to prevent vandals from trespassing onto your property as well as providing them with a surface area they are less likely to vandalise. This is because textured surfaces are difficult to spray paint and make graffiti hard to read. Some fencing option is; metal cyclone fence, bar fences and bamboo fences.


Ensure your property has adequate security to prevent access by graffiti vandals. Restrict access to walls and other flat surfaces by installing locks, fences and gates. Secure items such as benches, barbecues and wheelie bins so they can’t be used to gain access to walls or rooftops.