Sustainable Mowing Tips

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, so too does alternate ways of caring for and maintaining large, open spaces and creating sustainable mowing solutions. Robotic solutions and vehicle automation has led to the development and innovation of greenkeeping technology. Although most automated robotic solutions for the maintenance of greenkeeping spaces is more than two years away, there are already promising signs of innovation. We are constantly monitoring the market of automatic technology for more sustainable ways of maintaining sustainable mowing, biodiversity and environmentally friendly practices in order to protect our natural environment.

Creating a sustainable way to care and maintain large open spaces is crucial to the survival and ongoing preservation of the natural environment. Here are some ways to develop sustainable mowing practices:

  1. Automated technology

The development of automated mowing machines encourages safe work practices for the employees using it. The risks associated with employees mowing lawns, collecting trimmings, and cutting edges can be significantly limited when tools are automated. On top of this, automated technology can be of great use for commercial property maintenance, as large open spaces require more work and efficient practices.

  1. Switch from petrol to electricity where possible

Electric powered cars and machinery are becoming more popular as the technology becomes far more reliable. As a society, we have advanced from coal powered machinery to petrol, and in the future, electricity. Due to the size of many open spaces, electric powered tools are not yet advanced enough to cover such a vast area. While these products may not yet be available, it is crucial to monitor the market of automation tools so that when they are available, businesses are prepared for the change.

  1. Protect ecosystems

We can protect the natural environment of which we work by ensuring that we are prioritising sustainable practices. Eco-friendly sustainable mowing practices are crucial when working so closely with the natural environment. Even by considering what type of lawn you plant by using a type of lawn that requires little water and fertiliser. Maintaining an eco-friendly and sustainable mowing mindset when working in these open spaces will produce better outcomes for the natural environment.

  1. Efficiency is key

Automated technology allows greenkeepers, landscapers, and other maintenance workers to work effectively in other areas of ground maintenance. This allows them to be more efficient, spend more time being environmentally conscious, and working on other areas of sustainability.

  1. Think futuristic

Landscaping tools that support the sustainable maintenance of open landscapes is yet to be on the market, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start thinking about applying it to your greenkeeping. Be ready for the advancement of electric powered machinery. For the moment, electric powered machinery can not be utilised for large commercial use. However, given the way that technology is advancing, it won’t be long until automated technology and bigger electric or battery powered tools is introduced to maintenance workers. We are constantly keeping up to date with the newest features of machinery and look forward to seeing modern technology keep up with the changing needs of the community.


“First life, then spaces, then buildings — the other way around never works.” – Jan Gehl


Looking after our vast and unique environment is one of the most important jobs we have. Maintaining eco-friendly, safe, and beautiful land will only become easier and more efficient as new technology is introduced. By using the modern technologies that will be introduced in coming years, we will be able to create more eco-friendly ways of taking care of our environment, by limiting pollution and the interference with biodiversity. Monitor the future of landscaping technologies to create sustainable mowing habits.