property restoration

Bring Your Property Back To Life

Over time, elements of your home or workplace can begin to look less than their best. Other times, a sudden disaster, such as a burst pipe or a kitchen fire, can cause serious damage to your property.

Star PM offers quality property restoration to return your property back to its peak condition. For every task we take on, we will help you with mitigating further property loss and prevent additional damages from occurring. Our expert team will guarantee the best restoration services for damage caused by daily wear and tear, flooding, fire, or storms. We can tailor our services to suit your cleaning and restoration needs. We deliver superior workmanship and use the highest quality materials on every job.

We finish on time and within budget and ensure minimal disruption throughout the entire property restoration process. Restore your comfort and your property with Star PM.

property restoration
property restoration

Star PM has extensive experience restoring a wide variety of residential properties including apartments, townhouses and rural homes. We maintain high quality standards to match our expertise and professionalism with tools and techniques that enable industry-best standards. Our property restoration service is fully customisable, and we will work with you to provide cost-effective solutions.

Restoring any commercial property to its former glory is a job that should be trusted with only the best in the industry. Star PM’s extensive property management experience will provide you with efficient and cost-effective property restoration solutions. Our customisable service will effectively cater to your restoration needs, including water, fire, mould, and smoke damage.

All our interior restoration work is carried out to the highest standards of workmanship using only quality materials. From water, fire, mould, or general wear-and-tear damage, our licensed team will ensure that all restoration work blends seamlessly into your existing structure with precise attention to detail to stand the test of time.

Star PM’s qualified team will breathe new life into your property’s exterior elements, such as decking, fencing, or property façade restoration. From aesthetic touch-ups to structural or foundation problems, our expert team will work with you to restore these features to their former glory.

Why Our Clients Choose Us
  • 100% insured for your Peace of Mind
  • Independent Site Safety Assessments
  • Trained and Licenced Construction Staff
  • The Best Equipment and Materials for the Job
  • Respectful, Friendly and Experienced Team
  • Detailed and meticulous for all jobs, big or small

We have hundreds of satisfied long-term clients and thousands of completed projects throughout Sydney. The reason why our clients choose us is because they know that hiring us means a perfect job, every time.

  1. We provide our highest quality work, every time. No matter what the project is if it’s big or small, residential or commercial, our professional attitude promises a meticulous job.
  2. All members of our team are fully certified and licensed to carry out work. Their keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence will deliver results that you can trust time and time again.
  3. Star PM is dedicated to maintaining best practices for the environment. We will use environmentally-friendly materials and practices to deliver a truly eco-friendly restoration project.

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