Star PM what is property maintenance

Star Property Maintenance has been in the business for over 20 years – we know the ins and outs and the do’s and don’ts as well as the backs of our hands.

However, we know that not everyone has as much knowledge and understanding as we do. And for those who are just starting out in real estate guardianship, you might not know much at all. All you know is that you want your new property to stand out and thrive within Sydney’s competitive real estate landscape.

And so, with our first blog of 2024, we are going back to the basics. What exactly is property maintenance, and why do you need it? Read on to find out.

Star PM what is property maintenance

What Exactly is Property Maintenance?

The most basic definition of property maintenance is in its name: it is all about how to maintain a property.

However, the reality is a little bit more complicated.

Property maintenance involves regular property cleaning, keeping up with repairs and maintenance tasks, and ensuring the property is safe to be in. From seasonal gardening tasks for properties with outdoors spaces and landscaping, to clearing your property of allergens or mould after heavy rains and humidity, to knowing who is responsible for any damage your property has sustained, keeping your property to the highest standard will ensure that all tenants, guests, and visitors are happy to stay at and visit your property.

Not all kinds of property maintenance have the same impact on your property. Just like setting the right rental price and picking the right tenants, investing in the right type of property maintenance can have a big impact on your bottom line:

  • It can save you money: being on top of your building’s conditions can help you spot small issues early and get them fixed to prevent major, expensive maintenance jobs down the road.
  • It can boost the value of your property: Maintaining your building’s conditions will boost the perceived value of your property. Not only can you charge a premium for a well-maintained property, but you’ll be more likely to score a capital gain when it comes time to sell your home, too.
  • It can lower the chance of vacancy: focusing your attention on your property maintenance means you’re keeping your property in good condition (and keeping your tenants happy and more likely to renew their lease as well).

The Two Main Types of Property Maintenance

There are two main types of property maintenance: proactive and reactive.

Proactive tasks involve scheduled building walkthroughs, regular cleaning sessions, the timely replacement of HVAC filters, etc. On the other hand, reactive tasks happen when unforeseen issues arise, such as addressing drain clogs and appliance malfunctions to efficiently managing unexpected flooding.

We explore these two types of maintenance further in our blog, The 2 Types of Property Maintenance: Choose The Right One.

Finding a harmonious balance between planned maintenance and responsive interventions will help you keep your property well-maintained.

Star PM what is property maintenance

The Different Types of Property Maintenance Workers

There are three main types of property maintenance workers: the property or building manager, licenced tradespeople, and the building cleaner.

The building manager is responsible for maintaining a environment that people want to live in or visit. This means making sure the property is always clean and the building is in good working order. Is the lift functioning? Are all the lights working? Is there any damage on the property? These are the sorts of things building managers are supposed to notice, report, and arrange to be fixed.

The building’s general cleanliness is assigned to dedicated cleaners. They ensure that hallways are mopped or vacuumed, any lifts or stairwells are dust- and litter-free, and general areas are kept clean and tidy.

Finally, licenced tradespeople are called in to manage any technical work needed in the building. From pest control, to plumbers and electricians, to specialised contractors such as lift maintenance and HVAC systems, these specialists are essential to keeping the building in tip top shape.

Still a bit confused about what to do? With our decades of experience, Star Property Maintenance can help. Contact us today.