Event Cleaning Supplies

Your event is over. The last guest has finally left, and your staff are now beginning the event cleaning process. You can see in their eyes that they’re exhausted from a long day of work but they still have to finish sweeping, tidying up any leftover food, wiping down tables or benchtops, collecting rubbish – it’s not an easy job for anybody!

If you’re someone who owns an event management cluster, it’s going to be even harder on you. Your full focus should ideally be on other aspects of the event – such as event timelines, lighting, decorations, food or drink service, the entertainment and music – rather than checking how clean the toilets are or thinking about post-event cleaning services.

The more prepared you are, the less pressure you feel.

Orrin Woodward

Making sure that your event cleaning process is organised as you plan your event will drastically reduce the pressure that you and your staff will feel as the event winds down. But where do you start?

1. Organise your cleaning supplies

Cleaning can’t start without the right tools. Having the right supplies, materials, and equipment prepared and on hand will not only make the cleaning process smoother and faster, but it will also keep the people cleaning safe as they deal with potentially hazardous items and substances.

Here is a short list of basic cleaning equipment to get you started:

  • PPE Equipment, such as face masks and rubber gloves.
  • Cleaning cloths, preferably paper towels or microfibre cloths
  • Separate bin bags for bio-degradable and non-biodegradable collection
  • Glass cleaners, surface cleaning sprays, and carpet stain removal solutions
  • Vacuums
  • Colour-coded mop system
  • Litter-picks

Keep these items handy and make sure your staff know where they are on the day of the event to maximise efficiency.

2. Pre-plan your event’s waste removal

With every passing year, staying eco-conscious and adopting eco-friendly practices becomes increasingly important. Ensure that your event  stays environmentally friendly by pre-planning and organising your event’s waste removal.

If your event is in a public area, speak to local authorities to understand local waste removal rules. Organise designated event rubbish bins and arrange for access to waste collection sites for a smoother cleaning process and prevent public littering. You could even create a comprehensive recycling plan for your event’s waste to minimise your event’s environmental footprint.

If there is a high chance that your event will generate hazardous waste, speak to professional waste removal companies to develop a hazardous waste removal plan.

3. Follow standard patterns and procedures

It’s good to have special rules and steps in place for event clean-up, but be sure to base your event cleaning procedures on standard cleaning patterns to help you take care of every aspect of cleaning without missing any areas. For example, you might need to do a more extensive carpet clean after a big event, but benches, tables, and chairs will still need to be wiped and sanitised as usual.

Use pre-existing cleaning procedures at your event’s venue or location as a base to create your own event cleaning check-list.

Hiring a Professional

Although it could be cost effective to clean your event yourself, it could be more efficient and reliable to hire cleaning professionals to manage your event’s cleanliness.

Not only will an event cleaning company help you with cleaning up after an event, they will also be able to help you clean and prepare your venue before your event starts. They have the skills and tools necessary for specialised cleaning, such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or deep stain removal.

Stay Accountable

The biggest benefit of hiring a professional cleaning company for your event is increasing the accountability of your event’s hygiene and cleanliness. A professional will comprehensively cover everything in place to exceed your expectations. They would also remain transparent with their process and progress as they follow any pre-determined cleaning procedures, allowing you to focus your energy elsewhere during your event.

I’m a cleaner, not a magician… but I can see why you might be confused


At Star PM, we are dedicated to satisfying all our client’s cleaning needs. We use the latest in environmental and recycling techniques in our waste disposal and cleaning procedures. Providing a safe working environment for our large team of dedicated staff, we will help you manage your event’s cleanliness and hygiene from conception to completion. Contact us today for a quote and let us work our magic on your next event.